Battenburg Lace Store,inc

Happy Hearts
Battenburg Lace

Square Happy Hearts
Battenburg Lace

Happy Hearts
Battenburg Lace
Round & Square Designs.

Baby Size All Cotton
Bible Cover
Available 2 Styles
# 1. Plain & Hemstitch.
#2. With 4 Crosses on Corners

Old Fashioned
Bread Basket Covers
White & Ecru

Cotton Hemstitch
Bread Basket Covers
Pearled Ivory Color

Battenburg Lace
Wine Glass Coasters

Cookie Tray.
With Divided Pockets
Lavender Embroidered
Elegant Lace Trimming.

Cabinet Shelf Decor
Pineapple Battenburg
Butterfly Battenburg

Lovely Small Elegant Money Envelopes.
Great for “Money” Giving.
Imperial Money. Envelope.
Princess Money Envelope.

Boutique Sizes.
Hemstitch Tissue Box Cover.
Imperial Battenburg
Tissue Box Cover

Tissue Box Cover
Hemstitch Tissue Box Cover
Battenburg Lace Tissue Cover

Old Fashion
Lace Angel.
7″ Tall
All Cotton

Battenburg Lace Angels
Happy Hearts Angel,
Princess Angel.
6 inches.

Extra Beautiful Battenburg
Lace Runners
Rectangular & Oval
White & Ecru

Elegant Table Runners
Handmade Grace Designs Embroidery and
Battenburg Crystal Lace Designs.

Fireplace Mantel Scarf Decor
Battenburg Lace.
Imperial Battenburg, &
Princess Battenburg.

Old Fashioned Hemstitch Book-Mark
Hemstitch &
Polka Dots Bookmark.

Belgium Battenburg
Crystal Lace Doilies.
Round & Square doilies.
White & Ecru

Gift Pouch / Church Bags.
11″ x 7″
Drawstring closure.
All Cotton

Sachet Bags
Linen Hemstitch
Multi Colored
Size: 5″ x 7″